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Reinvigorating Your Fitness Routine

Sentimentality aside, most of us do try to let go of possessions that have outlived their usefulness: Shoes with holes in them? So long, old pals. A shirt that's two sizes too big in a color we no longer wear? Donated. A habit we're strong enough to give up? Goodbye!

But we tend to get protective of things that are supposed to be "good for us," even when we sense that we've outgrown them — or that we simply need to update their style.

All this to say: Does your fitness routine still spark joy for you?

Mm-hmm. Here. Put it in this conveniently empty box, and let's talk about some small changes or updates you can make. We'd also love to hear about how you keep your own fitness routines fresh. Share your discoveries with us in the comments below!

  • Go outside. If you're putting off exercising or feeling stuck at the gym . . . go outside. Take a walk around the block. Explore the neighborhood near your job. If you're able, go for a quick bike ride (borrow a helmet if you have to). Give yourself a literally new perspective.

  • Call a friend. Workout time doesn't have to be alone time. In fact, it can lend itself really well to social time. Text, chat, or call a friend, and combine social time with fitness. If one of you has a gym membership, maybe you can do guest memberships or free trials.

  • Reverse your routine. If you're happiest with a set routine and just want to make a tiny change, try simply turning it around. Reverse your walking route or your gym circuit. It works your physical and mental muscles differently!

Need more sparks? Here are a few simple ideas.

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