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Back to Basics: Strengthening (or Restarting) Healthy Habits


Any time of year is a great time to strengthen or refresh healthy habits — for the whole household, or just for ourselves.


Since it's easy to overthink, we've gathered some quick tips for each of our Core Four healthy living areas:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Hydration
  3. Physical activity
  4. Better sleep + less stress 

You can also create your custom checklist to help you keep track of your progress!



  • Take the lead by making sure you have a nutritious breakfast at least three times each week. It doesn't have to be anything big!
  • Involve kids (or spouses) in age-appropriate meal prep. Vegetables and other foods can be more fun to eat when you've helped transform them.
  • Make big-batch meals that you freeze — this ensures you'll have something healthy to eat on super-busy days.

Snack on more nutrition tips.


  • Have a glass of water first thing when you wake up.
  • Drink 1 more glass of water daily. (If you need to, start out by thinking of it as an extra glass.) Ask the kids to help you keep track of when they have their own "extra" cup.
  • Replace a soda with sparkling water. Bonus: Add a slice of citrus for the taste, scent, and color.

Drink up additional hydration ideas

Physical Activity

  • When the weather cooperates, park slightly farther away from your destination than you usually would. Every extra step counts!
  • Exercise doesn't have to be a full workout. TV commercials are a great time to stand up and stretch or walk around the room — even better if you can involve the kids and/or be silly.
  • Take a short-term class as a family. Check out local gym or community center for parent-child classes.

Stroll over to more activity prompts

Better Sleep + Less Stress

  • End your screen time an hour earlier than usual. For kids, you might want to try this in 15-minute increments.
  • Model the positive self-talk thing. Does it make you feel silly? Embrace the silliness! (P.S. You're probably not nearly as silly as you think you are.)
  • Add a small, soothing ritual to your bedtime. This will be different for everyone. Examples might include taking five deep breaths (also good for kids) or writing in a paper journal for a few minutes.  

Relax into more ideas about sleep and stress.


Chances are you have some ideas we haven't thought of yet! Won't you share them in the comments below? 

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